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Keito K8

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The Keito K8 is the result of experience of the previous Keito K6 & Keito K7 units, and it has the most modern electronic technology with SMD components.

This unit measures weight, height, blood pressure and pulse rate, and body fat index with greater efficiency than its predecessors.

The improvements on the Keito K8 are:

  • Its maintenance and servicing, now simpler and cheaper for the customer, with relevant improvements in the wrist cuff and design of the body.
  • A biometric recognition system, linked via internet to eHealth, allowing the users of the K8 to monitor their measurements through the web.

The Keito K8 unit can be operated with coins, tokens or through the biometric recognition system. The advertising panel is still present.

The blood pressure is measured in the left wrist and the body fat estimation is made by means of four contacts integrated on both sides of the unit.

Like the previous Keito units, at the end of the measuring process the user receives a cut ticket printed on thermal paper.

Estimated time for the measurements

  • Weight + Height + Ticket: ~ 20 seg.
  • Weight + Height + Body fat + Ticket: ~ 40 seg.
  • Weight + Height + Blood pressure + Ticket: ~ 90 seg.
  • Weight + Height + Blood pressure + Pulse rate + Body fat + Ticket: ~ 120 seg.

Technical characteristics

  • Supply: 110-240 V / 50 Hz.
  • Consumption: 0,160 A @ 230 V.
  • Main fuse: 2 A.
  • Width: 50 cm.
  • Depth: 58 cm.
  • Height: 221 cm.
  • Weight: from 40 to 45 kg according to versions.

Measurement ranges and divisions

Baby scale0 to 10 Kg.10 g.
Weight10 to 150 Kg.100 g.
Height0 to 250 cm.1 cm.
Blood pressure0 to 300 mmHg.1 mmHg.
Body fat1 % to 75 %0.1 %
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To access your data you must indicate your user name and the password or reference that appears on top of the ticket of your last measurement.

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