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Keito K6

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Keito K6 is a reduced dimension electronic monitor featuring a personal weigher with ultrasonic height meter, and depending on the version, can also include a blood pressure monitor, a body fat analyzer and a baby scale.

It has been designed for public use and operates with coins, tokens or with the Keito Smart Card. Integrated in the upper body of the unit, there is an advertising panel.

Blood pressure is comfortably measured on the left wrist.

For the estimation of body fat index, the user only needs to grab firmly the two handles and when the measurement is finished, he must indicate the age and gender with the two front keys.

At the end of the measuring process the unit prints a thermal paper cut ticket, quick and quietly.

The operation of the Keito K6 is fully automated and is complemented with audiovisual instructions.

Some versions include a Keito Smart Card reader/recorder that:

  • Records the measurements made by Keito units.
  • Prints a report of the last 20 measurements to control their evolution.
  • Loads it with credits to operate Keito units without inserting coins.

Estimated time for the measurements

  • Weight + Height + Ticket: ~ 20 seg.
  • Weight + Height + Body fat + Ticket: ~ 40 seg.
  • Weight + Height + Blood pressure + Ticket: ~ 90 seg.
  • Weight + Height + Blood pressure + Body fat + Ticket: ~ 110 seg.

Technical characteristics

  • Supply: 110-240 V / 50 Hz.
  • Consumption: 0,160 A @ 230 V.
  • Main fuse: 2 A.
  • Width: 53 cm.
  • Depth: 58 cm.
  • Height: 220 cm.
  • Weight: from 40 to 46 kg according to versions.

Measurement ranges and divisions

Baby scale0 to 10 Kg.10 g.
Weight10 to 150 Kg.100 g.
Height0 to 250 cm.1 cm.
Blood pressure0 to 300 mmHg.1 mmHg.
Body fat1 % to 75 %0.1 %
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To access your data you must indicate your user name and the password or reference that appears on top of the ticket of your last measurement.

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