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Since 1986 KEITO has been manufacturing electromedical equipment for public use for the measurement of weight, height, blood pressure, pulse rate, and body mass index. More recently we have introduced the KEITO eHealth platform.

From the very beginning KEITO has demonstrated innovation in this sector by launching the first personal weigher with an integrated baby scale.

Being pioneers in this sector, the KEITO K2 model was introduced shortly after this, combining in one single unit the features of personal and baby scales, height meter and blood pressure and pulse monitor, all in the same space as used by a conventional scale.

As a result of constant innovation the KEITO K5 model was developed, with smaller dimensions and equipped with audiovisual instructions for use, a smart card reader and the blood pressure measurement in the wrist which is more convenient for the user.

The launch of the next KEITO models meant a new step forward in the sector, by reducing even more the dimensions of the unit and adding a new device for the estimation of the body fat index, which is of significant assistance in controlling the user’s weight.

The development of the eHealth interface in the K8 model has made a qualitative improvement, offering to customers a user friendly tool for prevention & control and to health professionals an easily accessible system for providing health screening services.

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