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KEITO products are present in more than 30.000 pharmacies and other premises worldwide, to which our extensive network of associate companies of the KEITO Group spread across the 5 continents provide a first class servicing and maintenance support service which helps to consolidate our position as the market leader in this sector.

The quality of our product is ensured by the CE Certification, class IIa, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health as Notifying Board nr. 0318, as well as by the FDA approval for the US market, to offer a guarantee of efficacy and reliability to our customers.

Our commitment is to make available to the general public the best system possible for health prevention, as a response to the increasing concerns of the population about overweight, obesity and cardiovascular problems, among others.

The KEITO eHealth system can help in allieviating these concerns and assist in the prevention of metabolic syndrome as well as of cardiovascular disease by a very simple system which is readily available to the general public.

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